About Us

At Lovejoy Consulting our mission is to change the world one team and one leader at a time. This may sound audacious, but we believe in the audacious. And we believe that creating positive change for one person and with one team, the world does become a better place.

Our core values include Awareness, Courageous Action and Empathy.

Courageous Action + Awareness = Empowerment
Courageous Action + Awareness + Empathy = Magic


Meet Tracey

Tracey Lovejoy, the founder of Lovejoy Consulting, is a Leadership Consultant and Coach with 12 years experience in the tech industry where she worked at the intersection of engineering, design and innovation. As a Senior Manager at Microsoft she was known for her ability to leverage her individual employees’ strengths and build high performing, high morale teams with sustainable results.

Tracey is a trained social scientist allowing her to observe and identify important patterns, as well as assess organizational culture. Her ethnographic training has taught her to see what others don’t. She is known for directly sharing what she sees with compassion and warmth. As a coach and consultant Tracey is passionate about helping individuals and teams clearly see where they are and providing tools to get them where they want to go.

In her everyday life she is known for optimism, big energy and a bit of irreverence. When not at work Tracey is at the beach, running to keep up with her kids or stealing moments to feed her reading addiction. She lives with her family in Seattle, WA. Her ideal clients are lifelong learners – people dedicated to making the most out of this life, right now.


Associate of SeattleCoach
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
:: International Coach Federation
MA Social Science :: University of Chicago


PHONE:  425-443-3880