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Are You a Catalyst? Six Telltale Signs.
POSTED: 01/19/2017

“As a catalyst I come into a situation, seeing what is there, bringing some of my own thoughts in, but holding back and seeing lots of different elements and allowing my mind to be big enough to swirl in it to come to some ideas and directions. Being a catalyst is helping to then make something different or to change direction. Then bringing people along Read more

My Renewed Hope for Microsoft
POSTED: 03/30/2016
Since I left Microsoft 2+ years ago I’ve been making sense of my time there and what eventually led me to leave. From the moment I stepped on the Microsoft “campus”, as its assortment of buildings in its Redmond, WA headquarters are called, the buzz of urgent energy had me hooked. Every person I worked with was whip smart and had a sincere desire to better the world. I was inspired everyday Read more
Let's Bring Humanity Back to the Office
POSTED: 11/12/2015

"We are becoming aware that the major questions regarding technology are not technical but human questions." Peter Drucker, 1967

  I had a conversation with a woman named Tina on the airplane recently. She told me that she has been working for her company for 30 years. They are about to go through their third restructuring in 5 years and while she's given her heart and s Read more
Hard Data: What is the Greatest Predictor of Team Effectiveness?
POSTED: 11/04/2015

The answer may surprise you as they are often traits called "soft"...

Today teamwork is more prevalent than ever - in workplaces, at schools, on boards, etc. Accordingly research has been growing to understand how to make work done in teams as effective as possible. And I love this particular research! It is surprising, yet totally intuitive once you sit with it. Plus it Read more
What Story is Holding You Back?
POSTED: 10/02/2015
"When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write the ending." - Brené Brown
I have a client, let's call her Angela, who had her dream job. She had landed her first director role working for an organization she had admired for years. She had moved her whole family to another state for it. She managed a team. She oversaw Read more
How Much Do You Invest in Organizational Health?
POSTED: 09/17/2015
Leaders I meet generally agree that the health of their team is very important. Who wouldn't agree with that? Where they differ is in the amount of time and effort they actually invest in organizational health. When was the last time you went through everyone's priorities and ensured they are aligned to the team's top priorities? Have your recent hires been stepped through your mission or value Read more
Forest Path
The Cost of Slowing Down
POSTED: 09/08/2013
As I complete my last few weeks working at Microsoft I have tried to be very mindful to slow down and really pay attention. The other day I was walking from one building to another through a beautiful forest path that Microsoft has landscaped. My positive little voice told me to slow down, to stop and look at the trees, to take some deep breaths, to really pay attention. Once I stopped I heard Read more