Team Health

Lovejoy Consulting focuses on optimizing the performance and morale of teams, enabling them to face challenges together in our quickly changing and increasingly competitive world. Whether your organization is defining its mission and values, improving communication or bringing siloed groups together – Lovejoy Consulting can help. We facilitate group work sessions to create or evolve organizational north stars, such as vision, mission, values and leadership principles. We assess current team health and build the plan to move from where you are to where you want to be. We deliver innovative programs that build team trust, resilience, inclusivity and communication.

Your team is your key to success - Lovejoy Consulting can work with you wherever your team is at to get the team working together.

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Programs & Workshops

The business landscape is increasingly competitive and moving faster than ever before. This experiential program enables  intact teams to embrace and integrate the tools necessary to lean into one another, even in times of stress. It is a three part, experiential journey starting with a focus on individuals – people’s strengths, styles and default behaviors. Then these tools are focused on the team and how individuals using these tools together can improve the functioning of a team. Finally the program wraps up by integrating the practices into the existing systems of the team. These tools can allow organizations to stay relevant in the face of fast-moving, dynamic shifts in the consumer landscape. Impacts of the program:

  • Improves team trust & communication, fostering the habitat for high performance
  • Enhances a team’s ability to move together as a group, making them more ready for moments of conflict or crisis
  • Amplifies the sense of team ownership for every team member, effectively making leaders out of each individual
  • Develops individuals’ empathy and communication skills
  • Teaches the tools & paradigms to tackle new challenges in our quickly changing world to stay relevant and competitive in an agile way
  • Prepares the leader to take learnings forward

Interpersonal conflict is a reality of any group of people. This program introduces skills to open collaboration by fostering open dialogue, especially when emotions run high and team members have different opinions. The focus is on growing personal awareness and empathy, as well as giving clear steps on how to engage in difficult conversations.

Leadership and management have changed significantly – gone are the days of dictating to employees. Today’s employees are looking for leaders who will coach them and bring out their best. This practical and highly experiential workshop is designed to help managers and leaders excel at coaching others for high performance.

Effective communication provides the foundation for all successful personal and professional relationships. When we communicate effectively, we succeed. This workshop will allow you to better understand your own communication style, as well as those that surround you, so that you can leverage communication as the foundation of partnership building, leading to greater success.

We often work with leaders on both team health and individual leadership coaching, which allows a continuum to set team goals, get clear on your actions toward those goals and then work toward those goals together.