“Working with Tracey is like sitting next to a warm fire on a cold rainy day. Her warmth, care,  and commitment to her clients and coaching itself shine through every interaction. She listens deeply, sees uniquely, and challenges kindly.    As I was coming back to a new job after a long sabbatical,  Tracey helped me grow through practical, emotional, and relational challenges in my new position. She helped me to see my limiting beliefs, to shape new beliefs and to bring skills I already had to bear in new ways – always holding a sacred space for me to be myself and to grow myself. I would not be the professional I am now without her help and I strongly recommend her as a coach.”

Sr. Manager, ACME Business Consulting


“Tracey’s coaching approach is positive and motivating and she knows how to listen with genuine interest and attentiveness. It often resulted in figuring out what I needed to do to tackle an issue, or solve a problem, just by telling her about it.  Tracey’s disposition has always been sunny and cheerful, but at the same time she was focused and serious about what matters. It just made the interaction with her easy and fluid, and the time spent together enjoyable, even though the topics discussed weren’t necessarily pleasant.  Tracey has the talent of being critical without being judgmental, which is great in coaching situations, when you need someone to put a mirror in front of you to be able to move on to the next stage in your life, your career, and to understand your life’s priorities. I appreciated that she reflected my stories back to me, asked the right questions about them and then let ME figure out how to resolve what I was facing, or make a plan for doing so. She wasn’t there to tell me what to do, but she empowered me to find my own way. I highly recommend Tracey as a coach, and I feel very fortunate that I had Tracey as mine.”

User Experience Designer, Microsoft


“Tracey was instrumental in helping me to set goals and create action plans for my leadership development.  Through each milestone that I have achieved, Tracey has continued to nudge me gently in the direction of self-empowerment.  The trusting, safe relationship that she establishes and her use of skilled questioning help me to reflect on where I currently am, where I want to go, and how I will actually get there.”

Director of Professional Learning, AVID Center


“Tracey has helped me work through challenges that seemed insurmountable. She asks poignant questions. And once you answer those questions, you’ve got a plan.  Tracey creates a genuinely supportive and caring environment where I can openly discuss the factors that affect my professional life, no matter how personal.”

Senior Design Research Lead, Microsoft


“I was at a cross roads in my career when I asked Tracey to be my coach. I needed to evaluate where I was and think critically about my career and personal goals.  With Tracey’s insightful coaching I decided to look for another job, evaluated job openings and successfully transition to a new job.  … Tracey is a great listener.  She knew when to keep quiet so I could pause and take the time to think more deeply. She also knew when to ask the insightful questions that enabled me to more fully understand my goals and emotions.  … Tracey recommended great exercises that I could do between meetings.  Knowing that I’d be meeting Tracey again helped motivate me to take the time and effort to complete the exercises.   … Tracey brought positive energy, fun, seriousness, dedication and a sense of discovery to our partnership.  Tracey is very approachable and fun to be around. I felt very comfortable sharing my strengths, weaknesses, emotions and potential goals with Tracey. I quickly trusted Tracey. If you are dedicated to the coaching then Tracey will challenge you to grow, learn and make decisions.  She didn’t tell me what to do but led me through a process of understanding my current situation, come up with goals and make my own decisions.”

Senior User Experience Researcher, Microsoft


“I highly recommend Tracey Lovejoy as a personal and professional coach!  Last year I was at a crossroads professionally; I was so frustrated with my current situation that I lacked the focus to sit myself down and create a plan of improvement.  Meeting with Tracy was invaluable to me. She asks very thoughtful and specific questions that helped expand my imagination and inspired me to think of limitless possibilities with my answers.  Tracey helped me to create realistic goals and actionable next steps.  She is a keen listener and asked the right questions that forced me to be honest with myself.  Tracey was a supportive witness to my creating a powerful vision for my leadership platform.  Because of her intuitive questions and supportive coaching I was able to explore a vulnerable space and then be transformed into a more defined and focused leader. I am happier in my work because of the investment I made with Tracey.”

Assistant Principal, Seattle Public Schools


“Tracey’s empathy, passion, and experience make her capable of understanding your skills and aspirations and how to take them to the next level.  With skillful interviewing techniques, she is able to learn about who you are, what you value, how you interact with others, and what motivates you.  Of course, this means you are also learning more about yourself as well.  Then, leveraging her experiences building and leading her own teams, she can provide actionable coaching to help you understand how better to apply your current leadership capabilities, as well as how to develop new skills.  After any session with Tracey, you can walk away inspired and knowing how you can do more.”

Principal Design Manager, Microsoft


“Tracey was instrumental in coaching our team through team-building.  Tracey’s superpower is that she listens to what you say (and not say) and uses that to help you focus on what is truly important.  The insights she was able to draw out, as well as her positive attitude, made you want to become a more effective leader and a meaningful member of the team.”

Senior Design Research Lead, Microsoft